About Your Coach

Solana Lewis is an online powerlifting & nutrition coach. Solana has been powerlifting since 2015 and became a Junior IPF World Champion in 2018. She graduated with her degree in Exercise Science in 2017 as she has always had a passion for fitness and helping others. Solana began focusing on powerlifting coaching in 2019 with a goal of helping people become stronger and achieve their goals on the platform. Solana considers herself to always be a student and is consistently educating herself to give the best service possible to her athletes.


The goal with Strength SoLutions Inc is to help people push past their own self limits and become stronger physically and mentally through consistent training and support. Whether your goal is to get strong and have fun, or to compete at a high level,  we support our athletes and embrace the idea of sustainable progress and long term health as we navigate your training and/ or nutrition with a personalized approach.

Athletic Achievements: